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Famille rose



Diameter: 45cm








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of ovoid form, exquisitely painted in famille rose enamels, the outside of the bowl with two large cartouches one depicting an interior scene with a lady seated in front of a large screen and altar table, to the right of which stands four ladies in attendance and to the left of the lady three men in robes and a further man dressed in armour, they all look on as a man approaches bowing low to the lady, behind the visitor his guard who wears a sword at his side, a further four men stand behind him, two with yellow caps, in the background a round window facing on to a terraced landscape and a flowing river beyond, the other cartouche depicting the crowned figure of Ts'ai Shen Yeh, the God of Wealth, sitting in a lotus position wearing a crown, his hands together as in prayer, on either side of the table sit two dignitaries, one accompanied by three ladies holding fans and two men, another man sits behind the second dignitary to the left, in front of the altar a woman kneels on a cushion placed on the tiled floor facing the dignitaries, behind her visitors, one in armour in front of a round window, looking on to a terraced landscape, further to the left plantain leaves issuing from stylised rockwork, the two large cartouches separated by two small diamond shaped cartouches, one with a scene of a mother and child and two men in conversation, the other with two women and two children, all the cartouches banded with a thick golden border, painted with flower sprays and continuous scroll work, the cartouches reserved on a ground of flowers in full bloom, myriad butterflies and pheasants, a wide rim at the border with a continuous scene of people at leisure, a man and a woman seated at a table under an ancient knarled tree, taking tea their attendant standing behind, on a terrace a man holding a fan looks out onto a garden his attendant behind him, a further scene of three ladies at leisure, a little boy, a lady carrying a qin and a man sitting on a rock, the scene being viewed by two other ladies, one looking out of a round window, the other out of a square window, the foot also bordered with roses and flower sprays against a solid gold background, the interior with an exquisitely painted scene, the interior wall of the bowl painted with a dignitary seated on a terrace, seven men in attendance wearing different coloured robes and hats, all with black boots, coming towards the steps three men in conversation, behind them further men talking at leisure, being surveyed from windows by women and children, to the right of the dignitary another scene with a woman seated on a terrace, eight women in attendance with elaborate hairdos and multicoloured robes in animate conversation, in the garden amidst tree and swirling stylised rockwork there are further men, women and a child at leisure, in the background a landscape stretching into the distance with mountains, the central roundel, the inside base of the bowl decorated with a standing dignitary, five attendants and a man kneeling before him, looked on by another three attendants, this on a thick gold border with continuous flower heads and scrolling leaves, the interior rim exquisitely painted with well delineated butterflies, blossoms and fruits on a gold background.

Period: Daoguang (1821 - 1850)



Considered to be the deified spirit of Pi Kan, a sage of the twelfth century B.C.E., Ts'ai Shen Yeh, the God of Wealth, also known as the Star-god of Affluence, was usually accompanied by two attendants and worshipped on the twentieth day of the seventh moon, mostly by poor people but also by gamblers.