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Of circular form, painted in bright famille rose enamels and highlighted in gold, the outside with, two large cartouches, one painted with a scene of European hunters in full cry, the first rider, whip held high, blowing a horn, riding high in his saddle, galloping, the other huntsman next to him with his horn worn over his coat and his whip held high, the dogs swarming around the riders, excitedly, in front of the riders, two dogs trying to get at a fox who has dashed up a tree, in the background another European huntsman standing by his horse in a wooded landscape of purple trees and a European shaped building, the scene bordered by highly ornate and gilded scroll work, on each top corner a large butterfly with its wings spread wide, the second scene; returning from the hunt, the horses with their heads bowed low, their faces finely drawn with great emotion, the European hunters, relaxed in their saddles, one turning towards the other, holding his arm outstretched, with the whip in his hand, the dogs trotting nearby, in the background a further European huntsman, in the saddle, looking towards a huntsman carrying a dead fox over his shoulders, their dogs all with their faces upturned towards the dead fox, behind the central riders a large European style building, again the scene bordered by scroll work and butterflies, further two small cartouches, both with Chinese subjects this time, one with two Chinese ladies at leisure with two children, in a terraced landscape, the ladies head dresses and jewellery high-lighted in gold, the top of the scene bordered by gilded scroll work and above this a very finely drawn cartouche containing a small bird perched on a thin branch, the other small scene set in a terraced landscape with a Chinese amorous couple and a young boy, a white dog standing nearby looking up at the couple, in the background a hilly landscape with several simple buildings, again above gilded scroll work and a small bird sitting on a branch, the inside of the bowl with a central roundel painted with a European gentleman walking with his dogs, pointing his long walking stick towards a pheasant, partly concealed by a bush, another pheasant sitting on a thick branch of a tree, in the background a mountainous landscape with buildings protected by a wall, the roundel bordered by four bands of key pattern, scrolls, flower heads, and the outer band with spear heads, around the inside rim a band of flower heads above another band of eight narrow cartouches alternating between four panels with small red and black birds, perched in the middle of thin branches, and four panels of flowering branches in red and black, all panels reserved on a red background high-lighted in gold with scrolling flowers, below this an elaborate and deep border of brightly enamelled scroll work and flower heads and four cartouches containing landscape scenes in red, below which flies a butterfly with spread wings, around the foot rim a border of spear heads in red and gold, the base glazed.

Period: Qianlong (1736 ? 1795)



Footnote: For another example of a punch bowl with a hunting scene see David Howard and John Ayers, China for the West, Sotheby Parke Bernet Publications, London 1978, vol I, p 281 ? 283, pl 280, from the Mottahedeh collection. These types of hunting scenes were most likely copied by the Chinese from European hunting prints.